South Wellington Seido Karate classes are open to all, no matter your age, gender or level of fitness. Whether an adult or a child, at South Wellington Dojo you’ll meet new friends and have a lot of fun while learning better coordination, mental focus and physical strength. Every class builds confidence in your own abilities and reinforces the core values of Seido as you train, which can also be applied to your everyday life.

Where do I begin?

The first thing you will need to do is take up a Membership with us. Both adult and children’s classes are structured based on level of ability. For children’s classes they are further broken down by age – Pee Wee (age 4-7 years) and Children (age 7-16 years). We all begin at the start however and this is called 10th kyu.


At South Wellington we are very lucky to have several highly respected instructors teach us. Kyoshi Tony Gaeta (5th dan) runs the Dojo and has many years experience in Seido as well as several other martial art forms. More info on Sensei Tony and our other teachers can be found on the Black Belts page.