The name Seido means “Sincere Way”, and Seido Juku the “school of the Sincere Way”. Within these words are values that form the foundation of our practice.

Sei means truth, honesty and sincerity

Do means the way, road or path to follow

Juku means special or unique place

A Seido Dojo is a special place where we go to learn the sincere way of karate.


The word Karate is made up of two characters:

‘kara’ which means ’empty’

and ‘te’ which means ‘hand’.

Karate-Do is the way of empty-hand combat. As you train with us, the philisophical meaning of the word karate will be more apparent and significant to your everyday life.

The Seido Emblem

seido-karate-logoThe flower petal that we wear on our left sleeve of our gi (training uniform) is Kaicho Nakamura’s family emblem. The three circles enclosed by the petals stand for Love, Obedience and Respect.

Love – the unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. We learn to be benevolent in our actions as well as our word – giving ourselves for no gain but to benefit others

Obedience – an act or instance of obeying. Obedience to the higher moral values that must make up our society for everyone to flourish. Our responsibility to other members of society must never be forgotten and also a reminder to ourselves of our duties as citizens and responsible members of society.

Respect – an act of giving particular attention, consideration and esteem. Respect for others is paramount in developing a caring attitude and benevolence for fellow human beings.

These are the three underlying principles of Seido Karate, and as you train with us, you will find that we constantly strive to develop them.