Friendly safe instructors

All our instructors are Black Belts that have been police checked and trained under the guidance of the Seido Karate System created by our Grandmaster Tadashi Nakamura in New York. Our Instructors are chosen for their years of experience and teaching ability and their desire to help others.

Structured Training Courses

Training methods and course structure have been developed over 40 years and have been used by thousands of students all over the world.

Classes for Beginners

Upon starting, you attend classes for beginners. These classes allow you to train slowly and safely. Since everyone is treated as an individual, you progress at your own pace consistent with your ability and level of fitness.

Flexible Payment Terms

We offer monthly or quarterly forms of payment. You may set up an automatic payment or pay via Eftpos, Cash or Cheque


With increased strength, flexibility, fitness and the knowledge you can protect yourself and those around you, you will feel confident and self-assured.

Physical fitness and Coordination

It is an excellent way to get in shape and keep in shape. The training is progressive and tailored to the individual so even the unfit can enjoy the process of getting into shape. It is an aerobic exercise that strengths your heart and cardiovascular system. It trims you down while you firm up developing muscle tone and strength.

Exercises incorporating all parts of the body will develop co-ordination and fluidity of movement


Seido Karate teaches you to use your entire body as a weapon, developing the ability to defend yourself. Seido Karate will help you against the hazards of everyday living.

Personal Growth and Development

Over time you will see yourself approach problems and challenges in your life much differently. Looking back on your training experience you will notice that you have grown and developed in all aspects of your life, as seen in your personal relationships at home and at work